Types of felt for making toys and crafts

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Felt is a great material to use for crafting, kids projects, home décor projects and much more!   It is so easy to cut, sew, glue, and embellish, and it comes in many vibrant and pastel colors. The key to using felt is to pick the correct type according to your needs for your project. There are 3 types of felt that you can use to sew your own toys. There are 3 types of felt that you can use to make your own toys at home.


1.  Craft Felt:

Craft felt is the most common felt. Craft felt is  100% synthetic felt. The felt is made using a blend of acrylic, polyester & rayon. You can find this felt in sheets in almost any craft store, and you can buy it in 9×12 inches sheets. Also you can find this felt by the yard. This is the felt used in children crafts and holiday crafts.


2.  Eco Friendly Felts:

This is the felt that I use for all my toys. I chose to use this type of felt since the beginning, I wanted my brand to be ecologically conscious and this Eco-friendly felt is perfect because it is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.The look and feel of eco-fi felt is very similar to the craft felt, but it is a little bit stiffer. You can find this felt in sheets in most craft stores, and you can buy it in 9×12 inches sheets or by yard.

Mini Felt Stack - 4" EcoFriendly 24 Mini Felt sheet in Squares -12 different colors, Great Crafters Gift - The Perfect Christmas Gift A731 12 Felt Sheets Ecofriendly Felt - 12 color selection 8.5 x 12 sheets A605 20 Felt Sheets Ecofriendly Felt - 10 color selection 6 x 6 sheets A604





3.  Wool Felt

Wool felt is the felt that is actually made with real wool. Real 100% wool felt is sold by the yard and is quite expensive.  You can use it for crafts and home decor, It also is available in different thighness.

These are the 3 kind of felt that you can use to make your toys at home. I personally love the eco-friendly felt because of the colors and the texture of the felt. It is great for small and big projects. It is easy to sew and it’s great to cut.

Now, I’d love to hear from you: 1. What felt do you like to use? Tell me about it in the comments below.


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