The Running Stitch: Basic stitches to sew your felt toys

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Technique and practice in sewing it’s really important like in everything else you want to pursue.  Before I started my journey sewing I was terrible sewing by hand, I didn’t have any technique and I was just making some cute messes in my toys, my stitch wasn’t pretty or well done, but since my goal was to finish my projects I didn’t care but as I was practicing and using the needle I understood my technique would be better just with practice. Today I feel pretty confident with my stitch and I have sewn hundreds and hundreds of felt ornaments specially during the holiday season.

There are many stitches that you can learn, but always start from the beginning and learn the basics so once you feel comfortable with the basics you can continue with other ones. The basic stitch is called the running stitch. It is just a straight stitch created just passing the needle in and out of the felt.

I have to confess that this is the stitch that I use the most on my toys, I love the clean look and also I believe it helps to get a good and clean finish. I also use the blanket stitch that I will explain in another post. I believe the stitch won’t make any difference in the finish but the felt does, did you checked my last post about felt?

1. Thread your needle.

2. Make a knot at the end.

3. Take your needle and thread from the back and push it through your felt, to the front (at point A).

4.Pull the tread all the way through.

5. Push your needle back down into the fabric (at point B). Don’t make it too long, short stitches will look cleaner and nice.  

6.Pull your thread all the way through to the back. That’s your First stitch. 

7. Leave a gap (space between Point B and C)  and make another stitch.

8. Push your needle back down into the fabric (at point C)

9.Pull your thread all the way through to the back. That’s your second stitch. 


Now, I’d love to hear from you: 1. What stitch do you like to use? Tell me about it in the comments below.




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